Snežana and Aleksandar Popović, September 2022.

Snežana and Aleksandar Popović from Vrbas have been fostering since 2009. They are the parents of two children. Although, they are fulfilled as parents, in the role of foster parents they are guided by love for children, dedication and commitment. Authentic motivation, driven by the willingness and desire to provide children with love, protection and emotional support. Always ready to push the boundaries and improve their skills. They have great support from their biological children. Together they rejoice in all successes and support each other. They believe that their main task is to selflessly provide children with unconditional love and a warm home. Their relationship with children is characterized by trust. They are responsible and sensitive to the needs of children. They are gentle and patient, with clearly established boundaries in raising children. They nurture family relationships and provide support to the biological family. The result of what characterizes this foster family is happy children and the fulfilled purpose of foster care.