A forum was held on the occasion of Children's Week "If Children's Week lasts all year round"

Association Argument from Leskovac and Knights of Smiles from Novi Sad on 14.10.2022. have held the Tribune "May Children's Week Last All Year" in the premises of the Center for Family Care and Adoption in Ćuprija. All present were greeted by Igor Stanković, director of the Center for Family Care and Adoption in Ćuprija, Julija Popović, president of the "Argument" association and Predrag Momčilović, president of the Assembly of the "Argument" Association.
The forum was attended by Jelena Stojanović, deputy protector of citizens and associate. Jelena spoke about their work and the projects they organize. Representatives of centers for family care and adoption, centers for social work and the Association "Argument" and "Knights of Smile" shared their experiences in work. In front of the CPSU Novi Sad, the event was attended by Vesna Aničić, supervisor and Katarina Jovanović, associate. At the end of the forum, an award ceremony was organized for the best works of the art competition participants. For his work, a child from a foster family from the territory monitored and covered by CPSU Novi Sad won an appropriate award.