Marina and Danijel Kovač Year, December 2022.

Married couple Marina and Danijel Kovač Goda from Zmajevo have been fostering since 2011. They are the parents of three children.
This family is characterized by great love for children and the desire to provide them with a warm home, love, protection and emotional support. Over the years, a large number of children passed through their home, whom they helped to become independent and become people ready to step into life independently. The best indicator of their success in fostering is the fact that they have continued to keep in touch with all their children and to be their safe hand.
They currently have two girls, one with developmental disabilities. They are not afraid of the challenges that come with the work of fostering and solve them together. Open communication and trust are their guiding principles in raising children.
Together with their biological children, they make the girls feel loved, safe and accepted. They showed by their example that authentic motivation, unconditional love and support give the best results, for healthy growing up and smiling children's faces.